Belize Bible College Opens

Well, it’s official. September 12 was the first day of classes at Belize Bible College. Dr. Tom Marshall from Mt. Liberty, Ohio, and his wife Sue and daughters Hannah and Leah arrived Friday September 9th, and started classes the next Monday. BBC opened with 9 students. At this time only day classes are offered. Please keep the college in your prayers as we begin this new endeavor with many needs ahead. It is truly a God thing and exciting to see just how He brings all the pieces together!

Dr. Tom shared with the students on the first morning just how important their role is in being the very first students. We have to start somewhere, then grow and develop from there. We are all a “work in progress” and so is the Bible college.

The day started with chapel. Then, an introduction of the classes and schedule. The students then took a quick tour of the future classrooms building before getting down to business with their coursework…presently meeting in the lunchroom of the Training Center.

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Party at the Training Center!

After years of construction, we decided to open to the public so they could see what we are all about.  We’re not finished by any means!  We hope this will be the first open house of many.

Click on the picture below to see scenes of our Grand Opening!12525329_1019770234761892_3018326669028115606_o

We are excited to partner with Hope Springs Water in Belize.

It is a blessing to see God at work through them!

Click on the picture below to see their video.

Hope Springs

Home Church Opportunities

Over the years we have seen the great advantage of having a home church not only for our family but for special projects. If your church would like to get involved in a project or become the home church of a project, please contact us. We are currently helping plant a new church on Ambergris Caye off the coast of Northern Belize. The Guatemala Baptist Seminary Extension in Orange Walk lacks a home church over their work as well. We are praying for a vital youth ministry here in Southern Belize and are in need of leadership that would want to take on that challenge. We are also praying for the eventual start of a Bible college here in Belize. Please join us in prayer for how God might use you and your home church in Belize.